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Bitterness stannous substitute, used in soft polyurethane foam and environmentally friendly gel catalyst

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-01
Bitterness stannous substitute, used in soft polyurethane foam environmentally friendly catalyst NT CAT E - gel 125 is a transparent colorless to pale yellow liquid, medium viscosity, do not contain 2 - Ethyl caproic acid ( 2 - EHA) A new type of catalyst, in polyether multivariate alcohol and most excellent solubility in organic solvents for gel reaction of polyurethane foam ( Isocyanate - Hydroxy reaction) There's a very strong selectivity. The new type of polyurethane catalyst NT CAT E - 125 mainly for the production of polyurethane soft block foam, including conventional high elastic and viscoelastic foam. NT猫E - 125 in polyurethane reaction on the gel reaction has a high catalytic efficiency, and used in the soft foam in the use of commonly used catalyst stannous octylic acid levels are similar, and contains no 2 - Ethyl caproic acid ( 2 - EHA) A new type of catalyst, particularly recommended for not containing 2 - Ethyl caproic acid ( 2 - EHA) Of material industry, can be used to completely replace the soft block that is commonly used in foam octylic acid catalyst stannous, environmental protection, and effective.
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