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Champ consultation: spraying polyurethane foam plastics industry has a huge economic benefits

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-02
Around the world, some western developed countries of the development of spray polyurethane foam has maturity, stepped into the stage of innovative research and development, Asia is also very rapid market growth, many multinational chemical companies have business priorities and r&d center are transferred to the Asia and even in the Chinese market. Champ consulting building materials industry analysts pointed out that: domestic, urban and rural construction area of about 42 billion m2, existing the number with the improving of the people's living standard has been rising. For roof building heating heat consumption of 2 for climate conditions close to the developed countries. 5 ~ 5. 5 times, roofing heat loss in buildings account for around 9% of the total heat loss, energy consumption is too high. For the building materials industry, building energy conservation has become an urgent problem. Using spray polyurethane foam construction and retrofit, energy-saving building can effectively keep indoor temperature, lower energy consumption, to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction, resource conservation. Has an important role in the sustainable development of industry. Especially high B1 level green halogen-free flame retardant spray polyurethane foam plastic, not only can realize energy conservation and emissions reduction, will also be able to effectively prevent and reduce the fire accident. In the future, spraying polyurethane foam has a huge market demand. According to the released champ consulting - 2012 Polyurethane coating industry in China in 2016 investment outlook analysis report: with the prevalence of the concept of green environmental protection, energy conservation, building energy conservation has become a big deal, our country attaches great importance to national leaders stressed several times, to pay attention to the importance and urgency of saving energy and resources, effectively from the resource conservation and development, vigorously develop energy-saving residential, popularizing energy-saving technology, the energy saving on energy strategy. As good heat insulation material, polyurethane rigid foam are being widely used in construction industry. At the same time, building external wall thermal insulation layer of fire accident caused by gradually cause the attention of the government and the public. Therefore, as the national energy conservation and emissions reduction policy implementation and further people on the improvement of building fire safety consciousness, and as the green environmental protection high flame retardant spray polyurethane foam will bring huge economic benefits and social benefits.
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