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Consumer Issues Facing Chemical Companies

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-09
One of the top concerns of chemical companies is consumer safety and satisfaction. As more people start 'going green,' chemical manufacturers have to change the way they do business. When the consumers who purchase the products made from the chemicals want safer manufacturing processes and practices that conserve the environment, companies have to come up with new techniques to ensure that their company remains a leader in the industry. One way companies try to maintain customer loyalty is by providing a general chemical-related education to the average consumer.
Explaining Chemical Free
More consumers are looking for dry cleaners that use less solvent, household cleaners that don't contain harsh ingredients, and food and clothing products that use organic materials or ingredients without a lot of processing. But some consumers are being tricked into believing that there is such a thing as a chemical-free product. To help alleviate this misconception, the industry likes to point out that everything we use, touch, and wear has some form of compound associated with it. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen molecules, making it a chemical. Table salt is too, but it's used in many products. So when a product or company advertises that they use chemical-free products, what they're really saying is that they use naturally occurring ingredients as opposed to synthetic chemicals.
Synthetic ingredients can be reproduced chemicals that often occur naturally in the environment. Pharmaceutical companies often use ones that mimic a naturally occurring option. The reason manufacturers recreate it is to remove any impurities and allow the chemical to be as pure as possible for the greatest effect. This is especially important in medications used to treat serious illnesses.
Regulations and Studies
To keep up with consumer demand for environmentally friendly chemicals, the chemical industry is heavily regulated. In the UK, the Chemical Industries Association uses a Responsible Care Programme to study, regulate, and maintain industry standards. The chemical processes used today take into consideration the effects on the environment, from how the chemical affects the product it produces to how excess chemicals are disposed. If any new chemicals or chemical processes are brought to the industry, they are heavily tested and regulated before being distributed to consumers. The study of chemicals and their toxicity has allowed chemical companies to not only improve how chemicals affect the environment, but help reduce any toxic effects felt by the body.

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