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How to Buy Boiler Chemicals For Your Boiler Water

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-14
Purchasing boiler chemicals can be confusing. There are many different chemical companies that sell boiler chemicals and there is always a large difference in pricing between companies. So how do you know who you can trust when purchasing your chemicals?
Here are two important things you need to know when purchasing boiler chemicals.
1) Large corporations and small companies build in 'service' fees into the cost of the chemicals. If you have a routine service representative that stops in the plant monthly or weekly, they build in his or her costs directly into the chemical costs. They are not just being nice and stopping in. You have to pay for there service time coming to your location and the time he or she spends in your plant. Some large companies target there service time at $750 per hour, while some smaller companies target between $100 to $200 per service hour.
If you purchase your chemicals on a fixed contract, this is commonly used as targets on how much you will be charged for your chemical contract. Now if you pay per drum, chemical companies have multiple tier pricing strategies. Higher pricing may be charged for lower volume users For example, you may be paying $2,800 for one drum of chemical if you use 1 drum every 6 month, while another user may be quoted $1,200 a drum if they use 1 drum per month. Both places are using the same chemical, but the chemical is labeled a different code.
2) Check the boiler chemical concentrations. Chemical companies have multiple dilutions of the same product. The same product is sold at full strength. Then it can be cut 50% with water and called something else. Then it may be cut again with water at 50% and called another code. Same product, just three different concentrations. Some people buy on price. So if they want a cheap price most likely you are just getting a water downed version.
One important note, sometimes it makes sense using water downed products for safety concerns. Handling 25% sodium hydroxide for boiler pH adjustments is much smarter to use then 50% solution. A caustic burn is one of the worst chemical burns and it will often leave permanent scaring of the skin. You need to make the call and evaluate safety versus costs.
If you have to save money and if you have a well trained individual that knows your boiler well, there are a few companies that will just sell you the chemicals with no service representation fees associated with the chemicals.
There are no magic boiler chemicals and there have been minimal advances in boiler chemical technologies. Boiler Chemicals are mostly all basic commodities today. Most all companies have access to identical chemicals. Just ask for the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and compare concentrations between the products.

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