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Our Food Supply Is Not Safe to Eat: An Introduction

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-10
Recently I've become a docu-junky. I discovered that documentaries, in addition to books, are a wonderful resource for learning about a wealth of topics. As a result of watching several well researched, credible documentaries about food production in America, to my dismay, I discovered some very disturbing facts about the corruption of America's food quality. Some of the largest crops we grow in America are not even fit for human consumption! America's food is not healthy! And, the farmers who grow it know it and are paid by our government to keep quiet or they are put out of business by chemical companies!
There are many, many documentaries and books that have valid, credible sources available to educate you on what has happened to the quality of our food in the past 30 years. Be afraid! Be very afraid! This four part series will introduce you to the crisis at hand regarding the quality of our food supply and the affect it is having on our health, environment and economy. It will help you discover the disturbing, undeniable facts that reveal the corruption of our food supply by the US Department of Agriculture! But wait, 'How can that be?' you ask. Aren't they the group of the federal government that is supposed to protect us and make sure our food is safe? Yes, they are but they aren't! Not when special interests means lots of money made by large and powerful chemical companies like Monsanto!
Our country's government and big business has traded out the welfare of humanity for greed! Making money seems to be the excuse for many atrocities against the citizens of our country. And eventually, that will catch up to us. We have allowed it and have become 'sheeple' who ignorantly believe what we are told. We have become complacent and lazy and have accepted into our culture that poor quality food and obesity are okay. We have become a nation of fat, lazy, malnourished people who have allowed the USDA to brainwash us!
Did you know that there has been a long history of cross over between the leaders of chemical companies who have been appointed positions of authority in the USDA! How is that possible? The very organization whose main function is to protect us by assuring our food supply is safe is actually being run by the companies and people who have special interests that compromise the quality and safety of our food supply. There is a glaring conflict of interest here and yet nothing is being done to change it! Why has this been allowed to happen for decades?
Did you know that our farmers are actually paid by the federal government to lose money for growing corn? That's right! We have too much corn so that's why they are putting it in everything with corn oil and high fructose corn syrup. That just doesn't make sense economically, except of course for the companies making the profit at the expense of our health and waistlines. What's even more disturbing is that it isn't even safe for human consumption! That's right folks! We grow corn that we don't need, that costs us tax dollars to produce that is genetically modified, is inedible for human beings and uses two of our most valuable resources- land and oil. Did you know that growing corn that is fed to cattle is the largest contributor to global warming? Be afraid, be very afraid! Educate yourself and then take action!

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