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Photocatalytic reaction in the application status of environmental protection

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-04
The application status of photocatalytic reaction in environmental protection 2. 2. 1 degradable organic wastewater organic wastewater most serious impact on the environment, such as dye wastewater, pesticides, halogenated organic compounds, such as surfactant, its characteristic is common method is difficult to degrade, in environment for a long time. In recent years, the research report of photocatalytic degradation of organic waste water a lot. They can all be used catalyst under the illumination of conditional gradually decomposed into CO2, H2O and simple organic compounds. Li Yao medium by three types of photocatalytic degradation of refractory organic industrial wastewater ( Printing and dyeing wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, pesticide wastewater) , and achieved good results. Most of the experimental conditions, the three kinds of waste water after 150 min rate is more than 70% of COD, BOD5 / COD value to zero. More than 4. Xin-rong zhang with load such as method of photocatalytic degradation of organophosphorus pesticide, trichlorfon degradation rate was 80%. Hidaka on the degradation of surface active agent to do the research of the system. The experimental results show that surfactant containing benzene ring more easily than only contains alkyl or oxygen alkyl degradation of realization, inorganic linear part of the degradation is slow. Inorganic pollutants, photocatalytic degradation reaction can also restore the toxic ions in inorganic pollutants. In 1977 about Cr2O72 - processing Ions in aqueous solution. Use light to Cr2O72 - Reduction of Cr3, +. Degradation and degradation of organic pollutants, the same inorganic can use the type to say: Inorginic pollutants + O2, CO2, H2O + Mineral acids + other harmless compound Bhakta TiO2 photocatalyst, such as the CN - Oxidation of OCN - And then further oxidation for CO2, N2, NO3 - In the process. Photocatalyst by photocatalytic reaction can also make a variety of harmful gases into harmless gas, such as NOx tail gas of automobile, motorcycle, etc and factory emissions of SO2 has good degradation rate, and itself is not consumed in the reaction. Other divided by polishing the catalytic degradation of organic and inorganic pollutants, photocatalytic material has super hydrophilic, fail to make its surface with oil pollution such as strong, therefore, its surface is dustproof, anti-fouling, prevent mist, Yi Gandeng function. In the ceramic surface coated a layer of photocatalytic materials, in under the irradiation of ultraviolet light or sunlight to produce catalysis, can break down organic matter and deodorant, and other functions, so as to achieve clean effect. TOTO company in Japan has been developed for the first time in the world by building sanitary ceramics. In addition, the oxidation of the photocatalytic materials can kill bacteria, the principle of which generally considered photocatalytic produce cavitation and formed in the surface of the surface of the oxygen ions can biochemical reaction with bacteria group, lead to the death of bacteria. Photocatalytic material preparation of sanitary ceramics surface under the fluorescent lights indoors, can kill 99% adherent bacteria within 1 h so photocatalytic sanitary ceramics has a good application prospect. 3, development direction and application prospect of photocatalysis materials from the point of the current situation, photocatalytic oxidation technology has good application prospect and huge development potential. But because the method is developed in recent years, many aspects of the study is not very mature, so a lot of research on only in the laboratory. One of the west and Japan started earlier, our country is only then starts to take in recent years and to carry out the work of photocatalytic oxidation reaction. The research trend of photocatalytic materials mainly concentrated in the following aspects: 3. 1 TiO2 and perovskite structure of materials has been more and more attention. Because of its low cost and good catalytic activity, which is beneficial to industrialized production, the next few years research mainly focus on the light catalytic materials. 3. 2 the current study is done with mercury lamp and so on as the excitation light source, due to its cost is higher, so it is difficult to realize the industrialization of the photocatalytic oxidation reaction. Take advantage of new light source - Solar energy is the key to the study. But the light from the sun can light catalysis of uv energy accounted for only 3% ~ 5% of all energy, how to widen the scope of material suction light so as to more effectively use the solar energy is one of the focus of future research. 3. 3 light catalysis field research is started in recent years, such as photocatalytic materials under the action of electric field, microwave, ultrasonic photocatalytic ability obtained the very big improvement, can be sure that study of field has a broad application prospect, and become the key to the industrialization of photocatalytic oxidation reaction.
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