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Polyurethane coated fabric glue with drier and bridging agent promoter analysis

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-03
Polyurethane adhesive has a good bonding effect due to its soft and elastic and has good abrasion resistance, moisture resistant, widely used in coating material, leather, fabric and other industries. But with low toxicity, energy saving, high efficiency and other factors, more and more products can not be very good to adapt to the market trend, need more to cooperate with the production of raw materials, update. Here the author on the characteristics of several kinds of new type polyurethane adhesive with catalyst performance carries on the preliminary analysis. CT 5110 Catalyst advantage: environmental protection, highly active pH material 10. 5 ( Refinement has been rare measurement, hereinafter the same) Conducting the experiment found that CT 5110 Catalyst is a strong alkaline highly active Catalyst/drier/promoter/Catalyst ( Four concepts are the same, this article unified as the catalyst, hereinafter the same) , has the strong alkaline, at the same time, gives the activity of the catalyst with strong, because do not contain organic metal components, heavy metals in organic on the test without any concerns. In the process of temperature at the same time, the CT Catalyst Catalyst activity than conventional CT - 5110 12 ( I. e. lauric acid tin, hereinafter the same) Activity is higher, can rapidly improve the efficiency of production, 75 ℃ can maximize the activity) 。 But as a result of CT 5110 Catalyst itself has dark color, so color doesn't suit for too demanding customers. CT 5110 Catalyst for fabric coating, bridging agent promoter can also be used for membrane adhesive products such as production. CT 5137 Catalyst advantage: environmental protection, improve the peel strength and high pH material 9. 2 CT 5137 Catalyst is a excellent comprehensive properties of the Catalyst, containing no organic tin, ROHS restrictions such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) and heavy metal content, make it get more application. Early CT 5137 compared with organotin Catalyst, relatively good liquidity to products, and at the same time during the baking products can quickly promote product curing, greatly improve production efficiency. CT 5137 Catalyst compared with other catalysts can significantly enhance the peel strength of the product, increase product adhesion. CT 5137 Catalyst is mainly used for leather binding, bridging agent, Catalyst, synthetic leather base on the second floor, dry, wet, table place of production, such as polyurethane coating adhesive, as well as other related adhesive production. CT 5150 Catalyst advantage: environmental protection, highly active, delayed pH 7 material. 8 CT Catalyst and CT - 5150 12 and compared with other catalysts, have excellent delayed, preliminary offer a longer operation time, the late simply system can fast curing temperature to 70 ℃. Environmental protection, low odor is more suitable for the preparation of the fabric coating adhesive, etc. CT 5160 Catalyst advantage: environmental protection, highly active, weatherability, heat sensitive pH material 10. 1 CT 5160 Catalyst for the milky white waxy solid, have extremely strong catalytic activity, at 75 ℃, the activity of CT - More than 120 times, can greatly improve production efficiency. CT 5180 Catalyst advantages: highly active, weatherability, heat sensitive pH material 8. 6 CT 5180 Catalyst for specifically for IPDI, HDI, H12MDI system products and development of highly active catalysts, and CT After more than 12 the catalyst at room temperature, temperature catalytic activity compared with CT - 12, is especially suitable for resistance to yellowing products. CT 5180 Catalyst is suitable for polyurethane adhesive production, in the process of the polymers can also be used for high temperature dryer in a two-component system. DC 2702 Catalyst advantages: delayed, heat-sensitive pH is six. 8 DC 2702 Catalyst is specific to the product in the process of using the short, could the stick fast and the development of delayed polyurethane Catalyst. The catalyst under 70 ℃, slow response, and even no reaction, achieve best in activity of above 130 ℃. Particularly applicable to process complex, construction area is large, such as polyurethane adhesive system, can be used in the production of polyurethane (pu) carpet glue. CT E229 Catalyst advantage: environmental protection, can replace CT - 12≈pH值6。 0 CT E229 Catalyst for environmentally friendly catalysts, in line with the eu ROHS related laws and conform to the latest 9 organic tin restrictions in the European Union. CT E229 Catalyst activity and CT - 12, conducting contrast test, the writer found that CT E229 Catalyst in many system can completely replace CT - 12. Along with the progress of science and technology and the rising demand for product performance, constantly have new products are developed, the above content for the author in a number of new catalyst, select the characteristics of the obvious, high cost performance of the catalyst to test the conclusions. Different because of various kinds of adhesive technology and equipment, environmental factors such as constraints, this article briefly on the catalyst in the application of specific industries data for testing, to log in. Reprint please indicate the author, the source file download: pu coated fabric glue with drier and bridging agent promoter analysis ( Click to download)
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