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Polyurethane composite materials is expected to replace the iron cap manufacturing

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-05
This produced by GMI composite material using bayer materials science and technology department of polyurethane materials, make the finished product is important compared with iron had significantly reduce. In fact, a 24 inches for municipal and factory composite material manhole cover is only 25 pounds, the same specifications of the iron to more than 150 pounds in weight. At the same time, the system of new composite material manhole covers the period of wear, load and durable performance can reach the standard demanding markets. In addition, its corrosion resistance, slip resistance and the conductive performance of public service personnel may contact with the manhole cover pedestrians or provides additional security. This kind of composite manhole cover by the GMI and bayer company to jointly develop customised version BaydurRTM902 polyurethane by GMI proprietary liquid resin injection process is made. 'GMI Baydur polyurethane system officially on its performance, durability and the ability to adapt to the special design. 'The President of the GMI BobBrady said. GMI composites manhole covers and framed with an average of 100000 pounds of load capacity - This is the American association of state highway and transportation of the highway bridge standard five times as much. This kind of composite material manhole cover is suitable for a variety of shapes - Round, square or rectangle - Diameter range from 12 inches to 50 inches. GMI can help customers to adjust the appropriate product properties for different applications, and you can add a logo and lettering on each product. Not only that, but the aggregation new covers and the smart grid development supplement each other, allowing freedom through automation electrical signal and wireless communication, which makes it can be used in the electric switch, water metering, life waste water and rainwater pipe network monitoring, and many other USES. Unlike the iron products, this product has no residual value GMI and thus not thieves laid hands on him, can avoid the replacement covers produced by the product cost and artificial cost.
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