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Polyurethane (pu) and ordinary epoxy resin distinction

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-16

Polyurethane and ordinary epoxy resin product use: the product USES requirements strengthen the compressive strain of the cement floor or the ground of the strong acid, strong alkali chemical solvent corrosion prevention and drainage. Such as chemical industry, metallurgy factory, electroplating factory, power plant, pharmaceutical factory, PCB circuit board factory, paper mill, hardware factory, dyeing factory etc.  Product features: 1. Both have good tensile, properties, such as crack, fall off; 2. Both have resistance to acid, alkali, salt and various oil material corrosion performance; 3. Both have dustproof, waterproof, surface wear resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance and other properties; 4. The paint is suitable for outdoor, the latter is suitable for indoor; While the latter's biggest weakness or defect is afraid of strong ultraviolet radiation, yellowing will happen under the strong ultraviolet radiation, or fade, but won't affect decomposition also use; But the former is the latter improved a lot in terms of weather resistance, especially yellowing of the former than the latter long many, therefore the former is often used for outdoor construction requirements.                                

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