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Should focus on the eu's new restrictions organotin compounds

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-09-30
The eu restrictions of tin, two dotl compounds 2009/425 / EC take effect on January 1, 2012. The instructions, in May 2009 formally approved the resolution including tributyltin compounds, triphenyl tin and tin, two dotl four kinds of compounds, compounds and tributyltin, triphenyl tin, tin banned for all items, two dotl ban to design skin contact of textiles, shoes or corresponding part of the shoes, gloves, child care, women cleaning products, diapers, etc. , low detection limit were 0. 1% ( Tin content) 。 Two compounds before the ban was implemented in July 2010, the implementation of the restrictions of organotin compounds is an eu limits further strengthened. Currently, organotin compounds are widely used in consumer products, such as shoes, insole, socks and clothes of antibacterial finishing, polyurethane foam additives, in the process of production of PVC stabilizer in the process of production or the catalyst in the process of silicone rubber production. New restrictions will include textiles, clothing, food and infant toys industries produces a strong shock. , inspection and quarantine departments to remind the related enterprises, organic tin compound is likely to be affected in manufacturing new barriers to trade, import and export enterprises should pay close attention to regulations implementation process, strengthen the communication with functional departments to obtain first-hand information on timely; Cooperate with functional departments to establish coping mechanisms, the good raw materials, from the source control the product quality, weaken the negative impact of region import and export enterprises.
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