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Stripping Paint Or Finish From Your Furniture

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-12
When a great idea for hand painting your furniture doesn't turn out the way you planned, what do you do?A� It isn't necessary to spend hours sanding away the finish or trying to strip with toxic chemicals.A� Instead you can strip away the paint or finish in a fairly short amount of time using one of the more eco-friendly soy based products.A� You just need to follow a few easy steps.
If you've never stripped a piece of furniture, you might not realize how messy it can get.A� So the first thing you need to do is prepare an area to work on the furniture.A� The area needs to be protected with a plastic drop cloth or newspapers.A� Don't forget to protect yourself with vinyl or rubber gloves.
Second, place the piece of furniture on the drop cloth and spray with a soy based paint remover.A� I like to use Zinsser's Bulls Eye Safer Paint & Finish Remover.A� It has no detectable odor, works quickly and can remove up to five layers of paint.A� Personally, I've only used it to remove four layers but it worked so well I have no doubt five layers wouldn't be a problem.
Next you wait for the paint or finish to soften.A� It can take up to an hour for all the finish to soften completely but if this is something you have painted recently, you may be able to begin stripping within five or ten minutes.
After the paint softens, the best way to remove or strip the finish is to use a plastic stripping tool or a soft cloth--whichever allows you to efficiently remove the finish.A� Be sure you have rubber or vinyl gloves on to protect your hands, as you will notice that the softened paint and stripping fluid becomes a warm, sticky mess. It can become combustible so I recommend putting the softened finish directly into a metal container that you can fill with water and seal when you are finished.
Once you have removed the paint, you need to wash the residue off the furniture.A� I recommend using a detergent as well as water to be sure that no residue remains. This step is very important because leftover residue will prevent you from refinishing the furniture.
After the wood has dried (this may take several hours or even a few days), you will need to sand the furniture to get rid of any remaining residue and to prepare it for your new finish.

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