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Summer safety precautions


Summer safety precautions

With the arrival of summer, the temperature rises day by day. For example, methanol, ethanol, trichloroethylene, turpentine and other raw materials have certain dangers at high temperatures. The high temperature causes the volume of the chemical raw material to expand and the internal pressure of the container to be increased. The thermal expansion and contraction of the object is a common law in nature, and the thermal expansion coefficients of many raw materials are relatively large. The volume of the liquid stored in the closed container after being heated may expand, and when the limit pressure is reached, the container may be deformed or even broken. So how do we avoid the loss of raw materials and hidden safety hazards under high temperature conditions?

1. Control operation time period: During the time when the summer temperature is high, try to avoid transportation, loading and unloading activities. You can choose to cool in the morning or evening or add it. If there are special reasons to have to carry out operations under the scorching sun, shading measures should be taken to prohibit the occurrence of barbaric operations such as hauling, collision and tumbling.

2. Cooling measures for open storage tanks: Physical cooling is carried out by means of intermittent or continuous watering, and awnings are built to meet safety requirements.

3. Transportation: Control the speed and safe driving, and advocate the daytime rest and night driving to prevent the liquid from expanding and causing danger. Do not change lanes overtaking. Check the safety of vehicles and cargo when the service area is at rest.

May 2,2019

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