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The application scope of polyurethane foam

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-03
Soft piece of foam material soft foamed block polyether polyols is typical with organotin catalyst using tertiary amine catalytic reaction products. Glue catalyst can be such as three ethylene diamine and double ( Dimethyl amino ethyl) Dilution of ether of pure compounds, or mixing performance optimization. Typical tin catalyst used in the soft piece of foam material is pure or dilute the bitterness of the tin. Dilute the product ( Including amine and tin) Is to solve the raw material processing, measurement precision and pumping viscosity limit and so on. Good performance of the mixing material for special foaming equipment can improve the processing, formula range wide, and the difference between the physical properties of the foam changes little. The response characteristics of the soft block system requires foaming and gelling reaction the delicate balance. Before adequate viscosity of polymer/strength, system prematurely foam can lead to coarse, cracks, or flat dip. Early to gel can lead to low liquidity, high density, obturator and contraction of the foaming system. Special polyurethane foam system need response characteristics influenced by the type of foaming equipment used. Slot machine requirements, for example, polyurethane system can delay milky white of time, to adjust the bubble before reaching the conveyor belt in the residence time in the tank. High resilience ( HR) Bubbles made by the epoxy ethane in the polyethylene glycol, it is better than traditional soft foam used in polyethylene glycol high reactivity. Therefore, commonly used different type and different content of tin catalyst. Especially the two Ding Xi lauric acid ester, 2 instead of stannous caprylate. With three ethylene diamine and double ( Dimethyl amino ethyl) Ether and amine dilution as cocatalyst. In the soft block, in the production of polyester foam, the polyol used in the active high. Therefore, often used as N - Ethyl morpholine and N - Lauryl morpholine medium activity such as amine catalysts. Also can use tin catalyst promoter. Recently, with methylene chloride or,1,1-1 Trichloroethane, such as the development trend of chlorinated solvents to replace CFCS already appeared a number of technical challenges. Different boiling point and evaporation performance cause foaming curve changes. In addition, the residue of chlorinated solvents in bubble bolstered foam melt, resulting in a loss of the physical properties of foam. After considering these problems, have developed a variety of products. Soft molded foam soft foam mould with soft foam block foam the same exact balance/gel. In the stripper, liquidity, stability and curing is further requirements. Three ethylene two limbs and double ( Dimethyl amino ethyl) Ether and a small amount of two lauric acid two Ding Xi ester mixed together is the most commonly used in soft mould foaming system catalyst system. Often with typical 'junjun limb acid protection class delayed catalyst, make is cured foam has enough liquidity through complex shape of mold. For good performance of soft block foam catalyst mixture is often used in soft molding. The mixture design to the system, processing conditions and curing reactivity requirements. Recently, the focus of the auto parts production is the production environment and the smell of the final product parts problem, new products have been developed to produce below industry standard products of low concentration of volatile gases. Rigid foam hard foam broad USES ( Including appliances. Laminated and spraying foam, foam in situ pouring, packaging, etc. ) And chemical composition ( Polyurethane and different melamine urea acid ester) 。 Polyurethane rigid foam by dimethyl cyclohexylamine. Dimethyl ethanolamine, three ethylene diamine, 5 methyl diethylenetriamine and five methyl propyl hold three amine catalyst. These catalysts can be used alone or mixed use. Gather different melamine urea acid ester rigid foam used a mixture of trimerization catalysts for making, for example with octylic acid potassium, potassium acetate or contain three ( Dimethyl ammonium potassium base) Phenol a trimeric amine catalysts as catalyst. Recent repeal used in rigid foam is the development trend of CFC, so people gradually focusing on the use of as. As in the foaming process 141 b decomposition can lead to a large number of generated as 1131 a, and as 113 la toxicity is not yet known. Season has been found that using the catalyst with octylic acid potassium 3 get together the catalyst can reduce as more effectively The content of 1131 a.
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