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The mechanism of polyurethane catalyst is introduced

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-04
The mechanism of polyurethane catalyst is introduced. In poly (ester industrial hydrogen, sanya is the most widely used of tertiary amine catalyst ethyl diamine. Its pure chemicals melting point is 154 ℃, boiling point 174 ℃, easy sublimation, soluble in water and many organic solvent, easy to moisture absorption, including six water of crystallization. As a catalyst isn't very convenient for use and storage, therefore, is usually will it dissolve in low molecular, such as propylene glycol, such as a reduction of diethylene glycol solution, with a certain concentration of catalyst solution, ease of use and storage, and is conducive to its miscibility and dispersed in the reaction mass. The gas products ( 空气产品) Companies in the early 50 s or involved in the development of the sanya ethyl diamine, and comply with the development of industry, introduced this kind of catalyst, the registered trademark is Dabco, laid the basis of tertiary amine catalyst in polyurethane industry application. The catalyst in the system, on the basis of in-depth research, development, launched dozens of for trademark registration on Dabco tertiary amine catalysts. In many tertiary amine catalysts in the process of research, it was found that: sanya ethyl diamine with some organic acid ammonium reaction can be generated, using the ammonium salt preparation of polyurethane foam, a milky white time extended obviously, and has no effect on final gel time delays. On the basis of the research on the phenomenon, has developed a new catalyst 'delayed'. Using this catalyst delay characteristics, can make the reaction has plenty of mixing time, long hair period, good liquidity and give mixed slurry, have plenty of time to full of complicated structure, huge cavity, and will not affect the curing cycle of the products. The company developed Dabco WT. Dabco R- 595 delayed, such as catalyst, very suitable for large, complex products polyurethane molded production and research in motion (RIM), Reaction Injection Moulding process molding technology, reports of delayed catalyst, very active in recent years.
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