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Who has a delay in polyurethane catalyst is introduced?

by:Huijinchuan Chemical     2020-10-01
Who has a delay in polyurethane catalyst is introduced? Delay catalyst, or delay in polyurethane catalyst, is a kind of relative to the conventional catalyst, has a longer operating time and does not affect curing products later a kind of special polyurethane catalysts. Delay is itself is a catalyst, catalyst is added to the catalyst system, will only accelerate the system response speed, not inhibit reaction speed. Delay catalysts are widely used in rigid polyurethane foam, polyurethane soft foam, foam molding, polyurethane adhesives, coatings, elastomers, shoe size, and other fields. Generally, delay the catalyst can be divided into delayed foaming catalyst and delayed gel catalyst two, both can be used widely in the field of polyurethane foam, and multi-purpose delay gel type polyurethane catalysts in the field of the CASE. Thermal catalyst is a kind of delay catalyst. Delayed amine catalyst A minus 300 is designed for car seat cushion and backrest polyurethane production delayed crosslinking effect of the catalyst. Production of foam plastic hole are better, but at the same time maintaining the stability of the foam formula, can't bubble collapse, for use with modified ingredients, fast response and flow slower system, can improve liquidity. Delayed amine catalysts C - 225 is used for quick demoulding amine catalyst of high resilience polyurethane foam plastics. The foaming and curing reaction catalyst can get balance, optimizing the reaction mixture of liquidity, and shorten the demoulding time at the same time. So the delay amine catalysts C - 225 is for the best additives turntable type car seats on the production line. Delayed amine catalyst A minus 400 is used for molding polyurethane foam plastic, have delayed the catalytic effect of water-soluble tertiary amine compound catalyst, specially designed for car seat cushion production. Delayed amine catalyst A minus 400 can be mixed with water or polyether polyols separately measured. For lasting pouring time and increase the opening bubble structure has a good effect. Delayed amine catalyst A minus 400 with wide delay amine catalyst A - dongguan 300 with delay is a new type catalyst role.
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